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C-A-G-E-D DVD's Reviews
Ernie lays out a clear and easy method for finding any chord, note or lick - in any key - anywhere on the fingerboard. See how licks can be transposed from one key to another, how to link chords with harmonized passing tones and how major and minor arpeggios help you find notes anywhere on the neck

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Ernie takes a blues song, "Approximately Blue Monk" and shows you how to play it in any position and any key so that you can play any blues anywhere on the neck of the guitar in any key.Then he takes a circle of fifths ragtime-jazz progression like Blind Blake's West Coast Blues and does the same thing.
FIngerpicking Arrangements of Four Pop Standards

Ernie teaches four great standards in a straight forward Piedmont style:

When the Red, Red Robin comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' Along
The Charleston
Rockin' Chair
Glory of Love

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Fingerpicking Arrangements

Some of the most unforgettable popular songs in American musical history were written in the early years of the 20th century. Guitar ace Ernie Hawkins has made arrangements of four classic pop songs that are perfect for the alternate-thumb fingerpicking method known as Piedmont Style.
Working through each of these wonderful songs - When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along (Harry Woods), The Charleston (James P. Johnson), Rockin’ Chair (Hoagy Carmichael) and Glory of Love (William Hill) - will increase your knowledge of the guitar and provide hours of fun.

Ernie takes apart each of these songs, note-for-note and measure-for-measure, showing the chord shapes, bass and melody lines, licks and rhythms that bring each one to life. By picking these with the traditional steady bass and syncopated melody technique, you’ll develop a style that will be great for solo performances or jamming with other players.

Ernie builds on the techniques he developed on his hugely successful C-A-G-E-D System DVD lessons, and these wonderful arrangements will add immeasurably to your skills and repertoire.

These DVD lessons on the 'C-A-G-E-D Guitar System' are simply fantastic!

I was introduced to 'caged' last year, but couldn't get the hang of it. Recently I received your DVD's as a gift and BANG -- 'the lights went on!' Your explanations and teaching style have really put it across for me. It's made the guitar accessible to me in ways I never imagined.

Piano has been my instrument since childhood and I consider myself reasonably strong on theory. Even so, when I took up the guitar and first looked at chord books, it seemed as if there were 10,000 random ways to play an "A" chord. Beyond from the root positions on the fretboard, nothing appeared systematic or fundamental.

C-A-G-E-D really is the ANSWER to that mystery and your careful explanations have taught me that what's going on 'under the hood' is actually very straightforward.

Lastly, let me say that your unhurried teaching style and repetition is a big help to digesting the material. Your relaxed pace makes the lessons easy to use over and over.

Some DVD lessons pack too much in, fail to reiterate for coherency, or simply move too quickly. Your lessons strike a perfect tempo and that makes them a great 'woodshedding' tool. Kurt Volk

Aspiring guitar players generally start learning a few simple open chords near the bottom of the fretboard, and only gradually comprehend the relationships between those chords and develop the facility to replicate those chords elsewhere on the fretboard and to transpose melodies from one key to another. In this very useful two-DVD set, Ernie Hawkins presents, in a compressed yet easily digestible format, a wealth of knowledge about the anatomy of the guitar fretboard that it took me several years of trial and error to develop. The CAGED system begins with fingerpicking positions defined by the open chords built on the keys of C, A, G, E, and D, respectively, and then builds on the notes contained within each chord and the relationship of one to the next. Hawkins then shows how each chord form can be moved up the fretboard, discussing such topics as chord inversions and the arpeggios that form the skeleton of most single- note guitar playing. In the second DVD, Hawkins introduces the notion of passing chords and how to move smoothly from one chord position to another while traveling up the guitar neck. Hawkins, is a clear, enthusiastic teacher, and these DVDs are highly recommended for all guitarists who want to gain a clearer understanding of their instrument, as well as being completely suitable for beginners. Dirty Linen

Just wanted to thank you for your CAGED dvds. I've never been able to put it all together and feel like I know the guitar and where to go and what to do at different times. I think this will help me tremendously. Tom Hyatt Taylors SC

The lessons are very clear and will help guitarists at all levels navigate the fretboard with confidence. They provide a lot of understandable and practical music theory, including an introduction to arpeggios, scale degrees, chords, and keys. Although the examples lean on the 12-bar blues form, they apply to any progression in any style. A powerful tool kit for guitarists, the CAGED system as taught in this set of lessons can be usefully applied to arranging, improvisation, and playing up the neck. Thanks for putting this all together in such an accessible set of lessons. Cliff Brown

Thanks for a wonderful experience. I'm having a total blast running up and down the neck of my guitar and ukulele. It's been an eye opening experience. Great video. I'm making more progress in 6 months than I used to make in six years. Kurt Gallagher

The video is excellent. I knew the chord forms and how to move them up but did not know about passing chords. This video really connects the dots. I can see how this will also help me with improvising. It was worth the wait. Tom Groh

I received my C-A-G-E-D DVD's in the mail. I started the first one last night. It is excellent!!! Ernie is a such a wonderful instructor!! Finally, the fretboard will make sense!!! Time for him to work on the Rev. Davis Ragtime series!!!!! We just can't let him rest on his laurels. Dan Eason

For those of us who have studied with Ernie these DVDs are n excellent review and departure point for further explorations of the CAGED system. Other players now will be able to understand what is meant by a third position C chord. The DVDs are easily understandable for intermediate players yet rigorous for players at all levels. Bob Horn

The CAGED Video is fabulous! It is the best guitar video out there today. Blue Barry Faust

Thank you for producing the C-A-G-E-D system DVD. I have been slowly working my way through it (I’m a slow learner). This approach has re-ignited my desire to play. After each hour long practice session I do each day I shake my head and say to myself “I wish that I learned this 20 years ago”. But, there is no time like the present, huh. It is just amazing how the symptoms of the Multiple Sclerosis seem to fade away when I am practicing/playing. God bless you for providing this path. Ken Nashif

This dvd has really put the guitar neck in a much better perspective and within notable reach. Andy Widholm

I've worked on the gospel of Rev. Gary Davis for at least four years and I'm still at it! I got the CAGED 1 for xmas. I actually sit at my computer and say very loud, as Ernie says to do, the notes of the chord arpeggios! Drives me nuts, but it forces me to get the fundamentals! the dvd-1 has connected a lot of ideas. I'm looking forward to dvd-2. The gospel guitar dvds and the CAGED dvds are the only instructional materials I have in my house, so I consider Ernie my teacher!!! Mark Mershon

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