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Hawkins remains one of the most respected of American fingerpickers and the
time he spent in the proximity of the great Rev Gary Davis is evident in his
Charlie Gray

"Man, I love Ernie Hawkins. This is the third disc I've heard by him,
and each one impresses more and more. There are very few individuals who
play this stuff and make it real. This "stuff," by the way, is acoustic
country blues. And Hawkins is, plan and simple, a master.
John Heidt - Vintage Guitar

Western Pennsylvania's master of acoustic blues guitar returns with another
spectacular offering of Blues, Gospel and Dance Tunes, with just a little
Voodoo thrown in to boot. Hawkins has been building his reputation as one of
the (perhaps the) finest purveyors of solo acoustic blues guitar playing in
the world. Each of Ernie's three albums on the tiny Say Mo' Music label are
filled with superbly played recreations and original pieces that add to the
history of the Blues. No one can touch Ernie when it comes to playing Rev. Gary Davis.
Dave Little Maine Blues Society

Hawkins may have begun his career as an apprentice to Rev. Gary Davis and may
have a unique connection to him (the Rev. performed the nuptials at Hawkins'
1970 wedding), but he has fully absorbed a number of other styles and has
successfully created his own voice. His teacher would be proud.
Patrick Grant

Frankly, I'd rather spin Ernie Hawkins new disc than anything 'new' by The
Rolling Stones. It's clear to anyone with ears which cat can play the blues.
Jim Moore Vancouver BC

Well, at last I cleared away the debris of a mad life and sat last evening
with my husband (a SERIOUS country blues picker/fan) and we were truly blown
away by Ernie Hawkins. I'm stunned that I have never heard of this man. His
playing is wickedly good.
Cathi Norton



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